Zece is a Revolution in Wearable Technology!

Zence Combo Pack

  • All orders will be subject to pickup only. If you are not a Georgia resident, please contact me prior to placing your order.

  • Fresh Lavender Scent

    For Sleep, Calming & Stress Relief

    Sleepless nights? The fresh lavender scent will take you to your happy place, your place of peace, rest, and rejuvenation. Relax and unwind in your own personal paradise.


    Fresh Lemon Scent

    For Clarity, Concentration & Nausea Relief

    The fresh lemon scent brings balance, clarity, and a sense of accomplishment to your day. Make it all happen blissfully!


    Fresh Eucalyptus Scent

    For Power, Energy & Congestion Relief

    The fresh eucalyptus scent will give you the energy that you didn’t know you had. Clear your breathing pathways with a fresh clean scent that will recharge you with energy for hours!